What’s in a name?

I have this problem and I don’t really like to talk about it because I feel like it’s not polite. I just don’t like to correct people. It’s rude. Should I even mention this here? What will people think?

Ok, I guess I should just say it: People always say my name wrong and I hate it.

Ugh that was difficult.

Ok, not really. The fact is, most the people who know me really well know how much I hate this. I have this conversation on a daily basis:

Me: My name is Christine

Other person who I’ve never met: Oh Hi Christy


Me: Hey person I know really well

Person I know really well: Hey Chris, how’s it going?

Here’s the thing, I went by Kiki for a good part of my life. I didn’t start telling people my name was Christine until I was 12 and I wanted to, you know, grow up and make a new life for myself but as it turns out that’s not that easy when you have older siblings who will only call you by that nickname. So the plan didn’t totally work until I went to college. Now I’m 25 and the majority of the people in my life are finally calling me by the name my parents ACTUALLY gave me and no one can ever get it right.

I have a really common name and yet I am constantly called something else. It’s not hard, its really not. There are so many other crazy names out there but mine is just Christine.

And you know what else, I understand because I’m actually really bad with names too but some of my friends like to push my buttons by calling me the wrong name and it’s not nice.

My name is Christine. Not Kristin or Chris or Christy or Christina. I don’t even understand why it’s necessary for people to add or subtract syllables.

So there it is; my problem. It’s out there now and everyone will know but I think it’s time. Time to stand up for myself and my name!

Here’s the happy moment


Goodbye How I Met Your Mother

Last night, Ted finally finished telling his kids how he met their mother and I feel like I’ve been sitting there on that couch with them for nine years.

A lot of people didn’t like the way it ended and I understand I really do. I didn’t love the ending either but I wasn’t surprised by it at all. I mean really, were you surprised? It’s been leading towards this for 9 YEARS and no matter how frustrated we all are about it but that’s the way it was always supposed to end.

So let’s be done complaining about it. Let’s just say goodbye and thank Ted for telling us an awesome story.

We can thank him for telling us about slap bets

And interventions

Canadian pop-stars

And stereotypes

Slutty pumpkin costumes

And an incident somehow involving a pineapple

“The naked man”

And woo girls

The cockamouse

And an angry goat

Getting lawyered

And the proper way to pronounce words

Robots vs. Wrestlers

And doppelgangers

The sweet taste of liberty

And suiting up

How to pick up chicks

And the bro code

Not a father’s day

And a new dart (I mean nude art)

Jokes about fish

And Puzzles

The best bar in New York

And the best limo driver

Why you shouldn’t get your hair done on your wedding day

And how to feel better when you’re sick

Blue French horns

And one yellow umbrella

In the past nine years, we’ve gotten to know the best couple in the world

A former Canadian teen idol

The most awesome guy

And a romantic architect

It hasn’t always been perfect but it’s not supposed to be.

Thanks Ted Mosby and Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for telling us a really great story.

Here’s your happy moment which just happens to be my very favorite How I Met Your Mother moment, but everybody knows that already, it’s kind of general knowledge

I also think you should all know that I started with a shorter list but it got longer as I looked back at all the pictures and I could’ve made it longer. I think that’s what made this show so great.

Thank goodness for re-runs

Frozen seems like an understatement

What the hell winter? You’re still here? That train was supposed to leave weeks ago!
I used to love snow. No really, I did. I lived in Northern Michigan until I was seven and when it snowed, that was pretty much the best.

And as I got older, the feeling of excitement that came with each snowfall never really seemed to fade.
I had a tendency to get downright giddy when it would snow.

And people always told me “When you start to drive in it, you won’t love it so much.”
Well, I wanted them to be wrong but they weren’t so whatever I guess.

All I know is that this winter is going to eat us all alive.

I’m so sick of being cold! I want to wear shorts and spring dresses! I want to put my boots and flannel sheets away! I want heat damn it!

I’m not stupid. I have no plans of holding my breath for spring. I’m pretty sure it’s not coming. A girl can dream though.
Here’s your happy moment. Hopefully it will spark some inspiration for Mother Nature. I mean, we may not get a spring but summer’s coming right? RIGHT?!

I dont even know what to say about this

Ok, so, Elle magazine put out four different covers featuring four different popular television actresses for their most recent issue; Zooey Deschanel, Amy Poehler, Allison Williams, and Mindy Kaling. The other three women were photographed showing most of their bodies where Mindy Kaling’s photo was only a head-shot.

This is where the controversy started.

So I’m watching TV and wasting time on the internet looking at celebrity gossip (which is not something that I’m terribly proud of however it’s a guilty pleasure so whatever) and this story:


Came up on the side bar with Mindy Kaling’s face. The caption read “Fat Shaming?”

It was only a few days ago when I saw an article about how excited Mindy Kaling was to be on the cover of a Fashion Magazine for the first time and now there was this. Why?

So, of course I read the new article and it made me unhappy. Like really unhappy. Let’s be honest, I was pissed off. I’m going to borrow a quote. Mindy Kaling told David Letterman about the controversy:

“There was a weird reaction which was, ‘Does Elle magazine think Mindy’s not skinny enough to show her whole body like standing up from head to toe?'” Kaling explained. “The sort of implication, what they kept saying was like, ‘What Elle, you can’t put her big fat body on the magazine? Why because she’s just fat and gruesome? Why shouldn’t we look at her beautiful fat body?’ And I was like, ‘Okay, people who are trying to defend me,'” the actress quipped. “I just feel like they’re kind of insulting me!”

The funny thing is that Kaling is very happy with her cover, “It’s black and white. It looks like I died at my most beautiful,” she joked. “It looks like this is a dead person that they’re like, ‘How could we have taken her away at so young. If only a million dollars for another second with this…”

This isn’t the first time that there has been controversy like this with Elle magazine. A few months ago, Melissa McCarthy was on the cover wearing a coat.


People were all upset that the coat was hiding her body. Let me borrow another quote. Melissa McCarthy told Jay Leno:

“I picked out the coat. I had a great little black dress on [underneath]. We live here in L.A. and I was like, ‘I can’t wait for fall I’m so sick of the hot weather.’ So I was like, ‘Is that cashmere?’ So I ran upstairs and then jacket-gate started!”

And speaking of Melissa McCarthy, remember “Bridesmaids?”

Controversy struck in 2011 over the movie poster.

My friend sent me an article about this back when the movie came out.


Every actress in the picture is wearing a short strapless dress and showing a little cleavage. But not McCarthy, her dress is a little longer and she’s wearing a jacket. She also isn’t showing as much cleavage. This upset some people. They felt that she was being oppressed by the people who made the movie because she is a plus sized woman.

But here’s the thing, if you pay attention to Melissa McCarthy, which I do because I like her. I think she’s hilarious and I’ve loved her since she was Sookie on Gilmore Girls.

I do pay attention to her. I notice her on talk shows and red carpet events and movies and TV shows and do you know what I see? A woman who doesn’t show her upper arms and from what I can tell from observation alone, it would appear to me that this is her choice. It’s not the craziest thing in the world, it’s just a preference and a lot of women feel that way about their own arms. To be honest it’s not really my favorite thing either.

Also, I’d like to point out that her character in that particular movie would’ve never worn a super tight super sexy dress either.

And that’s what I found so frustrating about that article in particular. The blogger who wrote it recognizes that fact that you never see Melissa McCarthy’s arms and points out that it’s possible that she’s uncomfortable with that. But then the author goes into a whole story about how she’s a size 18 and she’s so comfortable with her body and she wears short skirts and strapless dresses and isn’t it great how confident she is and all the plus sized girls should be just as confident. She says that she thinks the world would accept Melissa McCarthy if she showed a little skin and I’m reading it like “aw geez really? Wow! Thanks for saying that. I’m sure she’ll rush right out and cut all of the sleeves off her clothes.”

No she won’t, do you know why? Because she’s not a 16 year old plus sized girl with confidence issues waiting to be told that everything will be ok. She is a grown woman who knows her body and knows what she’s comfortable with and I really don’t think that there is a confidence issue there.

Mindy Kaling said in the latest episode of The Mindy Project, “There is nothing that you can criticize about this situation that I haven’t already heard from every mean girl for my entire life.” The situation she is talking about is her body. They know what’s going on; they don’t need to be told.

I suppose I should get to my point and that is that there are too many people out there who feel the need to fight causes that don’t need to be fought. Mindy Kaling didn’t ask to be defended in the fight against full figured women. Melissa McCarthy didn’t ask to be defended from the evil people who give her jackets.

Before you decide to fight for a cause, get all of your facts straight. Both of these women liked their Elle Magazine Cover Photos. There was nothing to be upset about. Why is there always a need to start controversy?

Instead of focusing on what’s not showing, let’s focus on what is. Here we have two bright, funny, beautiful actresses who both look incredibly fashionable and gorgeous on the cover of a popular fashion magazine. Yes, neither of them is a size zero but why do we have to focus on that?

And now I feel like I used the word controversy a lot for a blog posted on this page. I don’t normally do that so I’m gonna be done now. Here’s your happy moment. It features both of these funny ladies being gorgeous

Oops, I did it again!

Wow, it’s been a really long time, huh. I guess that’ll happen when you get a new job and then work retail at Christmas time. Things get a little crazy.

Sorry kids!

Well I can promise you this: I do have some great new things that I’ve been working on that I will be posting this year and hopefully I’ll be posting once a week… That’s ambitious… I’m gonna shoot for once a month. Is that good? I think that’s a good minimum.

It’s one of my new year’s resolutions. Some people always resolve to lose more weight; I always resolve to write more.


I made another New Year’s Resolution; I want to reconnect with old friends. There have been too many people that I’ve lost just by moving away or growing up or whatever. I’m gonna try to fix that. It kind of started with a bang but I won’t get into that now. I will keep you posted as this story develops.


Anyway, that’s all I have right now.

Follow this link to get to your happy moment:


if nothing good is happening there, try this one:


And if nothing good is happening there then you should probably just favorite those and check them throughout the day…that’s what I do.

25– Still alive!

I know that seems like a harsh statement. A coworker said that I should wait until I’m 85 to say that but I don’t think that’s true. I’m a pretty clumsy human being. I’m sometimes shocked that I made it this far.

I turned 25 on Monday and people keep asking me how I feel. I’ll tell you exactly how I feel: Old.

My body aches, I’ve been tired all week and my vision is getting worse.

To be honest, I can justify the first two. I spent the weekend being a professional bridesmaid; I stood up in two weddings in two days. I’m pretty sure I just danced all weekend.

But the vision thing sucks, right? Right.

Anyway, with a birthday comes a new year. I always think that is so wildly overlooked in our society. Yeah, January 1st is the start of a new year in terms of numbers but technically, our birthday is the start of our new year.

That’s why I want to talk about resolutions. First, let’s start with what I did last year:

I tried actually doing stuff. I went out more and tried new things. I went on a road trip and organized a team for a 5k walk/run. I went to a party where I only knew four people and had a blast. I joined a fantasy football league and last week I won my first matchup. I watched my favorite hockey team win the Stanley cup. I got a promotion.

It’s been a pretty amazing year. It’s also been a really crazy year but I don’t really think we need to talk about the bad stuff.

So what do I do now?

I think this year, I’ll keep going with the “Actually live your life” resolution. It’s pushed me to try a lot of things and I love it.

At the same time I’m going to try to write more because I’ve been neglecting you all. Hopefully now that wedding season is over things can get back to normal and you will start hearing from me on a regular basis again. You’re welcome.

I’m really excited about my new job so my other resolution is to push harder and be better about certain things. I think for a while I was burned out and I need to snap back into the swing of things.

So that’s it. Do stuff, write stuff, and snap into my life because I am now a quarter of a century old and when you look at it that way, it makes you feel extra old.

You only have one life to live.


(I’m not a huge fan of this terminology but it’s true)

And don’t forget to have fun!

And now for the happy moment:

Nothing says birthday like an animatronic band

What I’ve been doing on my summer vacation

Well hey there my loyal fans and followers!

What happened? You never call. You never write. You never stop by to see me.

I’m just kidding… I know this is my fault.

So how long has it been? Two? Three? Oh goodness, it’s been four weeks. I can explain.

I have been a busy girl.

On June 28th I was at the Blackhawks Stanley Cup Rally and it was SO FUN!

I saw the cup sparkling in the sunlight!

My brother made the news: http://wgntv.com/2013/06/28/chicago-blackhawks-fans-gone-wild-at-grant-park-stanley-cup-rally/

The same brother got married the next day. It was gorgeous and a great time.

Aren’t they cute?

There was lots of dancing, ridiculously good food, and a photo booth to document all the fun we were having.

And let’s face it; all that shows is that I may have had too much fun.

A few days later I was on the road with my OTHER brother to Texas.

We drove from Chicago to Texas in a day, stopped in Dallas for a night, and then we were on again to Austin for RTX.

For those of you who don’t know, RTX is a convention held by Rooster Teeth. It was all about video games, youtube, and of course everything Rooster Teeth.


Check them out when you get a chance.

I met these girls

From this show

And this one

And I saw these people speak (among others)

From that show

(Burnie Burns is from roosterteeth)

I learned a lot and I walked away feeling very inspired. I can’t tell you what I’m thinking about yet because I’m not sure what’s going to happen with it.

We also spent some time in downtown Austin which was amazing and we had a total blast!

And we played giant jenga in a place called “Recess”

Anyway, we drove back to Chicago in a day. It was about an 18 hour drive. We left at about 11 and on Sunday and got home at about 5:30 the next morning.

It was a crazy road trip full of good music, nerds and cheese balls.

And then there’s all the wedding stuff I’ve been doing.

I’m in two weddings in one weekend in September and that means that the next month and a half will be filled with bridal showers and bachelorette parties plus the other two showers I’ve already been to.

What else have I been up to?

Working a lot, swimming when I can, trying to squeeze in a workout now and then, and I’ve been reading as much as possible.

I watched Orange is the New Black on Netflix which is awesome. I’m actually watching it again, just because I can. You should definitely watch it too.

So that’s basically it. My last month in a nutshell.

Told ya I was busy.

I promise to never let it go this long again. I’m gonna be better. I swear!

Ok, I don’t really swear. Life happens.

Here’s your happy moment!

It sure made me smile.

And By the way, I plan on playing “Forever” at my future wedding.

Chicago Blackhawks!

Being a fan of Chicago sports is in my blood.

I watched the Bulls a lot when it was the 90’s and Michael Jordan was busy being awesome but I don’t pay very close attention to it now. In fact I don’t watch it at all anymore.

I don’t really care about football but I will always cheer for the Bears.

I am a HUGE Cubs fan but they are constantly letting me down. (Being a Cubs fan also means I don’t even look at the Sox.)

And then there are the Blackhawks.

I got into hockey a few years ago. I won’t pretend that I am the biggest fan or I know the most but I will say this, I am in love with this team.

I’m sure at this point you’ve all seen the news and read the recaps so really there is no point in telling you what went down last night. I will say this though; it was awesome.

Here are three super extra awesome things:

Shaw getting hit in the face with the puck in the first period and then coming back like a half an hour later to finish the game

That was insane! He went down and I’m pretty sure it knocked him out for a moment and then he was taken away during the commercial break and nobody said anything. Suddenly he was back on the ice with two rows of stitches and a swollen face. As the game went on, his face continued to bleed and swell. By the end of the game it was pretty gross. It was a very manly man bad ass hockey player thing to do.

The two goals the Blackhawks scored in the last period

Incredible! I don’t know about you but I definitely thought it was over. And then with less than two minutes left, the Blackhawks scored and tied the game. I thought that was it and they were definitely going into overtime and then boom, they scored again roughly 18 SECONDS LATER! It was so fast I almost missed it.

They won!

The Blackhawks brought home the Stanley cup and I am so proud. I woke up monday with Chelsea Dagger ringing through my brain. I kept telling myself that it meant they would win but then as the day went on, my feeling of excitement and readiness turned into uneasiness. I had a bad feeling they were going to game seven, which would suck, but they are not and that is a beautiful thing. I’m glad they proved my bad feeling wrong.

It was an incredible comeback and a game I will never forget.

A big congratulations to 2013 Chicago Blackhawks!

This happy moment is for you:

This too

Happy Father’s Day

Its father’s day so I think it would only be right to talk about my dad.


When I was a baby, my mom would work nights and my dad was working days so they could both be there for us. At that time my father was known as the keeper of the keek. I’m told that I would fall asleep on his belly which is probably true because I was a baby and babies sleep a lot.

When I grew up a little and my belly napping days were behind me (well most of them) I would accompany him on his errands. We would go to the carwash and the grocery store and then there would always be lunch where we would sit by a window and people watch and often play a game that we like to call people puppets. It’s where you watch people have a conversation and you talk for them. Here’s an example:

I’m sorry about the poor quality of that video but it really was the only example I could find.

What else can I say about him?

He loves the Beatles and all of their individual counterparts.

He loves super heroes and big blockbuster movies

He reads us a book every Christmas WITH voices

That was the best one.

He is incredible, strong and the greatest man I know. Also, he thinks I’m witty.

Here’s your happy moment. Feel free to skip to 2:15 because that’s where the happiness lives.

Happy Father’s Day!

Those lazy hazy crazy days of summer

It finally feels like summer here and I am finally inspired to celebrate it so I made a list of awesome summer things.

I know that if you’re like me and most adult type people, you probably work a lot and this list seems impossible but you should just try to make it happen because what’s the point of summer existing if you don’t take a little me time to be awesome.

Here is a list of all of the great things you can do to make this summer great:

Go outside

This one is easy. Just open the door and step out. Go to a park or just sit in your backyard and read.

Read good books

That’s an important part of any season but people always seem to have more time in the summer. Or less. Who knows? We should just read more. Here are some suggestions for some hilarious books that I have read:
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling

I Suck At Girls by Justin Halpern

Dear Girls Above Me by Charlie McDowell

Any of Jen Lancaster’s Memoirs… This was the first one I read and I loved every minute of it.

These are not the newest books but they have all made me laugh out loud. I will admit though that I’m only about half-way done with Dear Girls Above Me but it just keeps getting better.

You could also take this time to catch up on old classics or books that people always tell you to read like Harry Potter.

You can probably skip Twilight and 50 Shade of Gray but that’s just my opinion.

Wear bright nail polish and dresses

This tip is for the ladies. I guess the fellas can take this tip too, I mean if you really want to. No judging.

Go on a road trip or a vacation or something just get out of town

Whether you are exploring the next town over or your state or the country or another country or whatever, just get out and see something new. Do something different. Put a new pin in your map.

Put together a pickup game of something

Dodgeball is fun. So is kickball. Baseball. Basketball. Flashlight tag.
When I was a kid, all of the neighborhood kids would get together and played German Spotlight which, if you don’t know, is a really awesome game that combines flashlight tag and hide and go seek. I’ve been wanting to get a bunch of people together to play again.

Catch a concert or a festival

Summer is a big season for concerts. They are everywhere and a lot of them are free so do some research and see if someone awesome is playing near you.

There are also a lot of festivals in the summer and those can be really fin because there is a lot of good food, good music, good people, and often a carnival. I always seem to end up at an Italian festival in the summer time and before you ask, no, I’m not Italian. It just happens.

Go to the beach

I don’t really think that I have to explain why you should go to the beach but I guess I will just for kicks.

Because it’s fun and beautiful.


Go to a baseball game

Major league, Minor League, little league. Nothing says summer like a hotdog at a baseball game.

Go Cubs!

Go to a museum

Get out there and learn something.

Or do this:

And for those rainy days catch up on awesome TV shows

If it’s rainy and you have nothing to do, Get started on those shows that everyone tells you to watch. That way you can be all caught up on them by the beginning of the new fall seasons. That’s what Netflix is for!

Here’s some more for your list:
Parks and Recreation

Bob’s Burgers

The League

Doctor Who

You’re welcome.

That’s all I’ve got. The biggest tip that I can give you is just do something with your free time. It’s no fun to waste your summer on doing nothing.

Let me know if you have any more tips to having a great summer.

Here’s your happy moment:

Check out the guy on the side. He is definitely inspired to enjoy a sunshine day. He is like “I agree with everything they are talking about. I do indeed dig that sunshine, Bobby Brady.”

I dig it too, Bobby.

Happy summer people!