Let’s refuse to be average

I’m sitting in my bed; Theres a glass of wine to my left and the review from my boss to my right. “Meet’s expectations” was the final score. In other words, average.

As I look back, I notice that I’ve spent my life being comfortably average. I never went out for first chair or the solos. I didn’t get straight A’s or big awards. Instead I got average grades and went to an average college. I had average friends with average problems and angst’s. I had average meals in my average suburban home with my average suburban family. I was average. I am average.

So now here I am with a glass of wine to my left and the review from my boss shouting “you’re average” at me to my right and I’m looking at you and saying “We should do something about this.”

I think it’s about time that I tried to be a little more than average. I mean maybe I’ll exceed the goal and be extraordinary and I hope that that is the case but I’m going to take it slow. I’m going to start with this: A blog to just talk. To say what I’m thinking and talk about what I do and my life and view on things. Guess what: I’m honest. I call it like I see it and I have a lot to say about a lot of things.

I will make you this promise though: I promise that this isn’t just a place to rant or complain about everything. I don’t promise that all posts will be positive but I will try to keep the majority on that side.

In fact, I’d like to add an element to these posts. I want to end everything on a happy note. It might be a song that’s stuck in my head or a funny video someone shared with me but it will be light. Here’s the first one.

Do yourself a favor today and have a quick dance break. Here’s some mood music for you.

So I hope that you will read this and join me in a conversation. Who knows where this can end up.


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