You know what’s great? Superheroes.

In the fictional world they protect us. For children they are a sense of hope and something to believe in. It helps them understand the difference between good and bad. Batman is the good guy and the Joker is the bad guy. The Joker steals ridiculous amounts of money and robs banks and does bad things and batman captures him and locks him up. Now as adults we grow up and we see that obviously the Joker is going to escape and that particular battle is never ending but when you’re a kid, you don’t care. Batman keeps winning and we keep cheering for him.


As we get older, we move from the lighthearted cartoons about the good guys and the bad guys and we get to see these amazing movies and comics with stories about the hero’s dark past and underlying troubles which opens up a whole other psychological can of worms.

The other part of watching superheroes as adults is that you see these amazing super villains and even though you are still cheering for Batman, you see that the Joker is a bad ass and kind of totally awesome even though he is a very bad guy. I’m sure there’s something else psychological behind that but I’m not sure what it is.

Heath Ledger


I’m excited because today I get to participate in one of my all time favorite activities. I’m going to see a superhero movie with my dad. It doesn’t happen that often anymore. People grow up and we have jobs. Mine keeps me busy so I don’t always get to go. Oh well, obla di obla da.

We are seeing Iron Man 3 (obviously, it’s the only superhero movie out right now)

iron_man_3_new_poster (1)

I’m so excited. I love Iron Man. He is my favorite superhero to watch (right after the Doctor, of course)

I didn’t know much about him before the first movie. Actually, to be honest, I had never really heard of him. I’ve never been too big into comic books. Superhero movies, yes, comic books, no. I guess I just prefer seeing the action play out instead of reading about it.

Anyway, I didn’t know what I was getting into but my dad said trust me and we went to the movie. I was blown away. When the second one came out I could not wait to see it. I went in with high expectations. I have to say that I was disappointed though with that particular chapter. Let’s move on… When my friends dragged me to see the avengers I wasn’t terribly excited. I hadn’t been thrilled with the Hulk movies or Captain America. I was really only seeing it for Iron Man. I went in with zero expectations. Once again I was blown away.

SO! What’s the moral of the story? Walk in with no expectations and be blown away. That’s why I’m diving into this movie with no clue about any of the villains or the plot in this one. All I can tell about it from the trailer is that the world is going to hell again and Iron Man has to save it but this time he has PTSD from all the stuff that went down in the avengers movie and so now he’s not as sharp as he once was and his friends have to help him so there’s like five iron man guys. That’s it. That’s what I’m walking in with.

Also there’s a giant bunny in one of the scenes in the trailer that is totally confusing me. Makes me wonder is maybe pepper is preggers… or maybe it’s a joke? Who knows?


A few hours later

I saw it. It was very good. I will say that the first is still my favorite.
Now I won’t give any spoilers because it’s not my style to consciously do that but I will tell you that the bunny is explained because I know that you are just as curious about that as I am.
Make sure to stay until after the credits. It’s worth it.
Here’s your happy moment

For more of these silly videos, go to How It Should Have Ended’s youtube channel.


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