Whatever happened to Jeeves? I had a question for him.

As I was getting frustrated with my work computer and how long it was taking to load I had an epiphany:

We are all very spoiled by the speed of modern technology.

Think about it. Remember when the internet sounded like this:

And you couldn’t use the phone if someone was on the internet unless you had two separate lines which was just the coolest thing to have. And there was that little globe at the top right hand corner that would spin until the page loaded and when it stopped spinning it meant that it was ready to go (or frozen which happened more often than not).

But now the internet gets faster all the time. And every internet company is fighting to be faster than the others. It’s exhausting. And what’s funny is that we’ve gotten used to the speed. We were ok with it all when it was incredibly slow because we were just so excited about all of the information that was suddenly at our fingertips. When I was a kid, we had to sign up for use of my home computer because there were so many people in my house. I would spend the majority of my allotted thirty minutes waiting for a web page to load.

And then suddenly it became frustrating and that frustration built and the internet got a little bit faster and then a little bit faster and now here we are and every week internet companies are saying “mine is 2x faster” “but mine is 3x faster” “well mine is 4x faster” Can’t we just find a good speed and stick with it for a little while? I’m almost wondering if it’s all the same speed but they are just telling us one is faster than the other. If we had to go back to the original internet, riots would probably break out, society would almost certainly implode upon itself and all of this would lead to the eventual demise of the human race.

And then there’s this:

You used to have to use encyclopedias and dictionaries. Now there’s Google and auto-correct. You can look something up in an instant when you’re out to dinner or on the toilet.

Nobody makes phone calls or writes letters anymore. Now it’s all text messages and emails.

I’m not saying that I’m living in the stone-age and not using technology to the fullest. I prefer texting to phone calls and I always bring my phone to the bathroom. My motto in life is “When in doubt, look it up” and smart phones make that really quick and easy. But I always prefer a handwritten letter to an email. On the same note, I never read my email.

So hey! Call your grandma! Write your friend a letter! Sit through dinner without pulling out your phone! Look the person you’re with in the eyes!

Here’s the happy moment for the day


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