I just bought my tickets for the great Gatsby and I am SO EXCITED!

I love this story. It’s filled with affairs and lost love and murder. I’ve read the book a few times.


The first time was in high school and I was swept away by the romance of the story. Gatsby’s undying love for Daisy made me swoon.

The second time was in college and by then, I don’t know, I had grown up a little and maybe I was feeling a little more cynical but I suddenly realized that although this is a great story, the characters in it are terrible people. They are all just living in their big houses, surviving in unhappy marriages, and complaining about how bored they are while they melt in the heat of a 1920’s New York summer day. I remember ranting about how horrible these characters are to an English professor and all he could do was laugh. I think that’s because we all know it’s true. Doesn’t make it a bad book, just makes the characters bad people.

The Great Gatsby reminds me a lot of Mad Men. The story is really great but these characters are all people that you love to hate.

Don is an incredible ad-man and a great speaker and damn he is gorgeous but he stole his identity, cheats on his wives, and really only thinks about himself.

You want to feel bad for Betty but she’s a huge bitch and she’s mean to her kids.

Joan cheated on her husband and sleeps with married men.

Roger is just full of himself.

And Pete? Well Pete is just a terrible guy.

But the show is amazing and well written and people have become wrapped up in these stories and these characters and we keep coming back every week.

That’s why I keep reading The Great Gatsby and that’s why I’m so excited to see the movie.

Baz Luhrmann is the director. He also did Romeo and Juliet (also with Leonardo DiCaprio) which makes me believe that it will stay true to the book but of course I don’t know yet.

And Leo as Gatsby? Amazing choice.

I’m seriously so excited. This is what will get me through my crazy long shift tonight.

Here’s your Gatsby/Mad Men/1920’s crossover happy moment


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