The Great Gatsby Part II

I’m keeping this short today because I have a lot to do and I’m kind of running on empty but I wanted to tell you about The Great Gatsby

The movie was fantastic!

It was intoxicating, emotional, dramatic, and beautiful. I cried when Gatsby and Daisy saw each other for the first time and I found my heart breaking for him all over again.

Several things I really enjoyed:

Those extra little details: They did a great job of blending in smaller parts of the book that they could have cut out. Instead that kind of sped them up so that they could include them.

The music: The usage of modern music in the 1920s setting was awesome. It took me back to Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge (both directed by Baz Luhrmann). I can’t wait to buy the soundtrack.

The fashion: Gatsby’s incredible suits and Daisy’s whispy dresses took my breath away. And the shirts! The beautiful shirts that made Daisy cry. Everything was perfect.



I won’t give any spoilers even though it is a wonderful classic novel that I’m pretty sure everyone read in high school and if you didn’t you should get on that.

Read more classic literature! It’s not just for school anymore!

Here’s the happy moment… fun fact, I was looking for that crazy jazzy scene from Singing in the Rain but instead I found this and it made me really happy and isn’t that the point?


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