Happy Mother’s Day!

There are some people who say that Mother’s Day is a made up holiday that was invented by greeting card companies and random crappy gift companies to sell more stuff and that might be true but hey, I’m always up for a party and I know just how to celebrate mother’s day…

Let’s talk about my mom!

I am the youngest in my family. There have been plenty of times in my life where my siblings were off to school before me and my mom and I were able to spend time together. When I was 4 or 5 we would take walks to downtown Traverse City, MI and have lunch at Big Boy (Remember how cute I was with the “girled” cheese and the sundae with extra cherries). On the way we would sit on the bridge and sing the flower song from Alice in Wonderland.

When I was in fifth grade and my siblings were off to middle school and high school my mom would get them off to school and then we would watch reruns of “CHiPs” on TNT and eat french toast. I love “CHiPs”. Ponch saying witty lines and silly puns to John and then they would throw their heads back and laugh while they were locked into a freeze-frame. And every car accident would lead to an enormous explosion. Bad ass.

I’m getting off subject. Here are the facts:

She loves Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Elton John and other amazing bands and she raised us to love them too.

15 elton-john-08

She prefers old movies.

She does a great Grover impression.

She’s in general amazing, awesome, supportive and she thinks this blog is hilarious. What do you think?

Here’s your happy moment:


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