Christina Aguilera wasnt the only genie in a bottle

I’ve noticed that genies are really popular in advertising lately.

The first time I saw it (this year) was on that Toyota commercial with Kayley Cuoco

And then there was a Pepsi Max radio commercial where a woman finds a genie and her only wish is for a Pepsi max. When he questions her choice, she asks for a second. Obviously she is crazy.

So I started thinking about what I would wish for if I found a genie.

I feel like it would be rude to ask for infinite wishes. I mean, if he wanted to give you infinite wishes, he wouldn’t specify that you only get three wishes.

I could wish for a snack but I just had one.

I think my first wish would be to be out of debt. That’s usually my go to wish when I think about winning the lottery or genies or wizards.

The second thing I would wish for would be to be the Doctor’s companion. I know that they never pick American’s but I think it would be an interesting twist and I really want to go into space with the doctor so they should just let me, ok?

I’m sorry. I just get really emotional when I talk about my dreams of flying away in the TARDIS.

So I guess that leaves one more wish. That always seems to be the hardest decision. I suppose it depends on who your genie is because in Aladdin he used the last wish to give the genie his freedom which was a really nice gesture.
But if you’re not concerned about what happens to the well being of your genie you can wish for whatever you want but that’s a tough call. You could wish for a million dollars or a private island or Gerard Butler but those are wasteful.

I feel like no matter what you wish for; it won’t be what you hoped for. There’s usually a catch. “Be careful what you wish for” is a cliché for a reason.

I think I would save my last wish for a rainy day. I’d save it for when I really needed it. But then again, if you accidentally say “I wish” before a sentence then you could instantly lose it.


This is a tough call. Asking someone what they would wish for is like asking someone for what they really want in life.

So, I guess I wish this was my job.

Here’s your happy moment:

What would you wish for if you found a genie?


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