They’re starchy and they’re carby and they make you really fat

But it’s not their fault. They didn’t ask you to deep fry them. They didn’t ask you to cover them with cheese and sour cream. They didn’t ask you to cover them with bacon.

Ok, it’s possible they asked for the bacon. Everybody loves bacon.

In case you haven’t figured out what I’m talking about, it’s potatoes.

Potatoes are great. They are great mashed or baked or twice baked or skinned or souped or fried or waffle fried or curly fried or tater totted.

A little history about the potato; Irish people love them. They caused big problems when they stop growing. According to, the famine lasted from 1845-1849 when late blight destroyed the leaves and the edible roots of the potato plants. It was the worst famine Europe had seen in the 19th century and it destroyed people’s lives.

Now the potato is back and I think we should celebrate it.

They are a comfort food. There’s nothing like a hot scoop of mashed potatoes on a cold winter’s night.
And they pair well with everything.

They are a family friendly character that you can change constantly

Sure they are ridiculously fattening and pretty awful for you but there are ways around that.

Try these potatoes tips:

Bake them instead of frying
Try a potato alternative like a sweet potato or mashed cauliflower (although that’s not a potato tip)

Don’t smother them with cheese, bacon, ranch, sour cream, and everything else under the sun

Don’t eat so many of them all the time.
I think I’ll try the last tip. Dr. Atkins was wrong, carbs are great!

So celebrate the potato! Give it another chance!

and dance off some of those potato pounds with this happy moment:


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