I think I’ll just walk the track

I don’t like competition.

I never have. Gym class was my worst nightmare. Putting a bunch of teenagers with raging hormones in one room together and telling to launch big red rubber balls at each other was a terrible idea.

Don’t get me wrong. Dodgeball is excellent. So is kickball. I’m thinking about putting together a game this summer at some point when I can take a break from being a responsible adult.

It was more the anger and frustration that was taken out using Dodgeball that just made it unnecessarily aggressive almost always.

I was always picked last. It’s probably because I wasn’t very athletic or enthusiastic about playing some made up game that had combined soccer and hockey and didn’t really make sense.

I preferred the days when we could go to the weight room and I could just sit on the bike when the teacher wasn’t looking or the days when we could just walk the track.

The thing is I enjoy working out. I do it when I’m stressed out. It helps. You should definitely try it sometime.

And I like games. Running around outside is a blast. We should all take some time to do that.

Maybe it was the forced activity that came with gym class. It was like “play this crazy ass game RIGHT NOW” and I don’t know I just don’t like being told what to do.

And the way they would test us. How many pushups can you do? How many sit-ups? Pull ups? How fast will it take you to run from this line to the next?

What were they testing us for? Was I being prepped for the hunger games? Is that where those other students went?

Here’s what I learned in gym class:

How to properly play volleyball

How to shoot a basketball

The fact that telling a male gym teacher that you have cramps and lady problems gets you out of gym in an instant

I don’t want to be a bad influence, but that actually works.

Here’s your happy moment:


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