I wish you would just give me some shoes

I have this dilemma right now.

I love shoes but I have been shopping for shoes for weeks.

I guess that’s not really a dilemma, it’s more a personal issue.

Here’s the situation: My brother is getting married in about six weeks… actually I think it might be less. Ouch. Anyway, I bought a really cute dress that I got for like $10 which is pretty incredible compared to what I was finding before I found my good luck on the clearance rack at work. It needs some tweaking but it’s all doable. Here’s the problem: I’m having a hell of a time matching shoes to this dress! I want to match the shoes to the ribbon that I am tying around the waist and I’m very in control of the color so I started with the idea of yellow but then I changed my mind and fell in love with this tiffany blue satin ribbon so now it’s all about matching that which is really hard and I almost feel like it shouldn’t be this hard.

My biggest problem hasn’t even been the color. It’s the heel height. I am not one of those girls who can walk in a 5 inch heel and be totally fine. I promise you I will fall on my face and it will be really embarrassing. That is a wedding ruiner.

Where did all of these crazy high shoes come from? Who can walk in those?

I stopped trying to walk in heels a few years ago. I thought I was so cool clomping around in my four inch heels and then I realized that those shoes hurt and I looked stupid.

So now its flats and sneakers for me… unless it’s a special occasion and I know that it would be better for the outfit if I wore heels. It’s just my way of bettering society.

So here I am, spending another night shopping for shoes. It’s exhausting and it’s hurting my eyes. I just wish someone would find me the perfect pair of shoes. Not too high or too pointy and the perfect shade of blue.

I think it might be a long shot. I guess I’ll keep looking online.

Here’s your happy moment:

Let me know if you know of good online shoe stores!


3 thoughts on “I wish you would just give me some shoes

  1. yeah i feel you 😦 i can’t really do heels either due to back issues + arch issues. I put off buying shoes for my wedding until about a month before the actual event (maybe even less) because I have such a hard time finding comfy shoes. my solution is to stick with wedges.

    Anyway here are some suggestions:
    -I have never gotten shoes from modcloth but I have ordered other things and their shipping is always pretty fast, plus great customer service. these are teal but I think they might “go” with tiffany blue?http://www.modcloth.com/shop/shoes-heels/take-a-stride-with-me-wedge-in-teal
    -Online Shoes is trying to compete with Zappos so they run a lot of sales, but on the flip side their base prices tend to be a bit high. these seem very you: http://www.onlineshoes.com/womens-j-renee-rylee-yellow-white-p_id308192
    -I have had good results shopping at DSW Warehouses, not sure about their website. Again these aren’t quite tiffany blue but they could “go” http://www.dsw.com/shoe/kelly+.and.+katie+wilde+wedge+sandal?prodId=259398&activeCats=cat10006,cat20034,dsw11cat260004 Kelly + Katie is a good brand… although I am biased because it is also the names of my sisters in law, haha.

    If you get frustrated looking for a specific color, maybe try snagging some metallic flats? Glitter goes with anything! Anyway tell your bro congrats from me!

    comedy option: http://www.modcloth.com/shop/shoes-heels/you-re-kitten-me-wedge

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