You dont have to give me a birthday card next year… I’ll just take the $3.50

Buying cards is hard.

I’ve recently spent some time buying cards and it was not a fun experience.

There is like a scale of cards out there ranging from the sappy cards

To the inappropriate

You really have to find the right balance on the scale. You don’t want to get your grandma or your mom a raunchy card and you probably don’t want to get your brother something really sappy.

Of course it all depends on the person because maybe you do make raunchy jokes with your grandma or your mom and maybe you and your brother are super emotional people and that’s ok.

You could always try to write your own card, but why do that when Hallmark is offering you a thousand ways to say congratulations?

Personally, I always shoot for something in the middle because then it’s safe for pretty much everyone.

Otherwise I look for something that will make me laugh really hard in the middle of the store. I’m talking, embarrassingly loud.

Those are also the kinds of cards I prefer to receive. This is the best birthday card I ever got.

stephanie likes corn on the cob dr heckle funny happy birthday card

I laughed until I cried. But that’s just me. Maybe you don’t think it’s that funny. That’s your problem.

Anywho, I think I need to just buy a ton of really awesome cards. Today I saw some great ones, none of which were appropriate for what I needed.

Maybe next time! Here’s your happy moment:

It’s a little too accurate if you ask me


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