I guess since it’s june it would be summer cleaning

It’s good to do a cleanse every once in a while.

It’s healthy. It flushes out your system and sort of reboots everything. You can do one where you drink only fresh fruit and vegetable juice which I’ve done or you can try one that only lets you drink water, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and lemon juice which sounds awful or you can try something else, I don’t really care.

The importance of the act however is to clean things up and out. Like spring cleaning.

I think we should do the same thing with our technology.

I was going through my facebook friends the other day and I noticed that I have a lot of people on there who I haven’t talked to since high school. There are people who I didn’t even talk to in high school. And then there’s twitter. I look through the list of people I follow and I realize that I don’t care about what half of them have to say.

So I have to decide who to cut. There are things that you have to consider when you are deciding who you want to cut.

There are a few categories of friends:

There are friends who are always up to party and make you feel like this

But then you feel like this

And you question your friendship pretty much every weekend.

There are friends who you kind of talk to but not really but you like to stay connected because you care about their lives and their babies.

I already talked about those “friends” on facebook and twitter that you don’t actually care about.

And then there are your best friends. These are the friends who know every teeny tiny embarrassing story, bruise, scar and detail about you. These are the friends who laugh uncontrollably when you hand them a box of cheez-its. The friends who bring you your favorite soda when you are feeling a little too (**cough**) under the weather to do anything.

These friends take you to get scrambled eggs when you have a cold and drive you home after a tragedy. These are the friends who you have the very best memories and stories with. These are the friends that last forever. These are the friends you want to follow.
Suddenly this song from girl scouts is playing in my head

Make new friends, but keep the old
One is silver and the other’s gold

Circle’s round, it has no end
that’s how long I want to be your friend

Whoa. When did I get so cheesy? Back to business

So here’s how the cleanse works. Take some time. Take a night. Go to your facebook and make some decisions. Who do you care about? Whose baby pictures do you want to see? Whose political opinions do you want to hear? Whose vague complaints do you want to read? Then you decide if you want to delete them or just hide them. There are some people who you really need to hold on to so maybe you just want to hide them from your news feed. Then there are people who you haven’t talked to in years. Maybe you want to just delete those people.

Then there is twitter. Take a look at who you follow. Now take a look at who you ACTUALLY follow. Whose opinions do you actually care about and read? Sometimes I go on follow binges where I will follow every single actor on my favorite show and the costume designer and the director and three of the writers but really I don’t read any of their tweets. Those are the people who need to go. Sure it’s fun to follow celebrities but really they just clutter up your feed if you aren’t reading anything they have to say so why not just follow the people who make you smile or laugh or are actually changing the world or telling you something important.

It’s not always easy to make these decisions but I know you can do it.

Take the cleanse challenge and choose wisely my friends.

Here’s your happy moment:

By the way, I didn’t realize that most of my pictures were from Parks and Rec but if you’re not watching that show, you should be.


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