Happy Father’s Day

Its father’s day so I think it would only be right to talk about my dad.


When I was a baby, my mom would work nights and my dad was working days so they could both be there for us. At that time my father was known as the keeper of the keek. I’m told that I would fall asleep on his belly which is probably true because I was a baby and babies sleep a lot.

When I grew up a little and my belly napping days were behind me (well most of them) I would accompany him on his errands. We would go to the carwash and the grocery store and then there would always be lunch where we would sit by a window and people watch and often play a game that we like to call people puppets. It’s where you watch people have a conversation and you talk for them. Here’s an example:

I’m sorry about the poor quality of that video but it really was the only example I could find.

What else can I say about him?

He loves the Beatles and all of their individual counterparts.

He loves super heroes and big blockbuster movies

He reads us a book every Christmas WITH voices

That was the best one.

He is incredible, strong and the greatest man I know. Also, he thinks I’m witty.

Here’s your happy moment. Feel free to skip to 2:15 because that’s where the happiness lives.

Happy Father’s Day!


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