Chicago Blackhawks!

Being a fan of Chicago sports is in my blood.

I watched the Bulls a lot when it was the 90’s and Michael Jordan was busy being awesome but I don’t pay very close attention to it now. In fact I don’t watch it at all anymore.

I don’t really care about football but I will always cheer for the Bears.

I am a HUGE Cubs fan but they are constantly letting me down. (Being a Cubs fan also means I don’t even look at the Sox.)

And then there are the Blackhawks.

I got into hockey a few years ago. I won’t pretend that I am the biggest fan or I know the most but I will say this, I am in love with this team.

I’m sure at this point you’ve all seen the news and read the recaps so really there is no point in telling you what went down last night. I will say this though; it was awesome.

Here are three super extra awesome things:

Shaw getting hit in the face with the puck in the first period and then coming back like a half an hour later to finish the game

That was insane! He went down and I’m pretty sure it knocked him out for a moment and then he was taken away during the commercial break and nobody said anything. Suddenly he was back on the ice with two rows of stitches and a swollen face. As the game went on, his face continued to bleed and swell. By the end of the game it was pretty gross. It was a very manly man bad ass hockey player thing to do.

The two goals the Blackhawks scored in the last period

Incredible! I don’t know about you but I definitely thought it was over. And then with less than two minutes left, the Blackhawks scored and tied the game. I thought that was it and they were definitely going into overtime and then boom, they scored again roughly 18 SECONDS LATER! It was so fast I almost missed it.

They won!

The Blackhawks brought home the Stanley cup and I am so proud. I woke up monday with Chelsea Dagger ringing through my brain. I kept telling myself that it meant they would win but then as the day went on, my feeling of excitement and readiness turned into uneasiness. I had a bad feeling they were going to game seven, which would suck, but they are not and that is a beautiful thing. I’m glad they proved my bad feeling wrong.

It was an incredible comeback and a game I will never forget.

A big congratulations to 2013 Chicago Blackhawks!

This happy moment is for you:

This too


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