What I’ve been doing on my summer vacation

Well hey there my loyal fans and followers!

What happened? You never call. You never write. You never stop by to see me.

I’m just kidding… I know this is my fault.

So how long has it been? Two? Three? Oh goodness, it’s been four weeks. I can explain.

I have been a busy girl.

On June 28th I was at the Blackhawks Stanley Cup Rally and it was SO FUN!

I saw the cup sparkling in the sunlight!

My brother made the news: http://wgntv.com/2013/06/28/chicago-blackhawks-fans-gone-wild-at-grant-park-stanley-cup-rally/

The same brother got married the next day. It was gorgeous and a great time.

Aren’t they cute?

There was lots of dancing, ridiculously good food, and a photo booth to document all the fun we were having.

And let’s face it; all that shows is that I may have had too much fun.

A few days later I was on the road with my OTHER brother to Texas.

We drove from Chicago to Texas in a day, stopped in Dallas for a night, and then we were on again to Austin for RTX.

For those of you who don’t know, RTX is a convention held by Rooster Teeth. It was all about video games, youtube, and of course everything Rooster Teeth.


Check them out when you get a chance.

I met these girls

From this show

And this one

And I saw these people speak (among others)

From that show

(Burnie Burns is from roosterteeth)

I learned a lot and I walked away feeling very inspired. I can’t tell you what I’m thinking about yet because I’m not sure what’s going to happen with it.

We also spent some time in downtown Austin which was amazing and we had a total blast!

And we played giant jenga in a place called “Recess”

Anyway, we drove back to Chicago in a day. It was about an 18 hour drive. We left at about 11 and on Sunday and got home at about 5:30 the next morning.

It was a crazy road trip full of good music, nerds and cheese balls.

And then there’s all the wedding stuff I’ve been doing.

I’m in two weddings in one weekend in September and that means that the next month and a half will be filled with bridal showers and bachelorette parties plus the other two showers I’ve already been to.

What else have I been up to?

Working a lot, swimming when I can, trying to squeeze in a workout now and then, and I’ve been reading as much as possible.

I watched Orange is the New Black on Netflix which is awesome. I’m actually watching it again, just because I can. You should definitely watch it too.

So that’s basically it. My last month in a nutshell.

Told ya I was busy.

I promise to never let it go this long again. I’m gonna be better. I swear!

Ok, I don’t really swear. Life happens.

Here’s your happy moment!

It sure made me smile.

And By the way, I plan on playing “Forever” at my future wedding.


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