Oops, I did it again!

Wow, it’s been a really long time, huh. I guess that’ll happen when you get a new job and then work retail at Christmas time. Things get a little crazy.

Sorry kids!

Well I can promise you this: I do have some great new things that I’ve been working on that I will be posting this year and hopefully I’ll be posting once a week… That’s ambitious… I’m gonna shoot for once a month. Is that good? I think that’s a good minimum.

It’s one of my new year’s resolutions. Some people always resolve to lose more weight; I always resolve to write more.


I made another New Year’s Resolution; I want to reconnect with old friends. There have been too many people that I’ve lost just by moving away or growing up or whatever. I’m gonna try to fix that. It kind of started with a bang but I won’t get into that now. I will keep you posted as this story develops.


Anyway, that’s all I have right now.

Follow this link to get to your happy moment:


if nothing good is happening there, try this one:


And if nothing good is happening there then you should probably just favorite those and check them throughout the day…that’s what I do.


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