Frozen seems like an understatement

What the hell winter? You’re still here? That train was supposed to leave weeks ago!
I used to love snow. No really, I did. I lived in Northern Michigan until I was seven and when it snowed, that was pretty much the best.

And as I got older, the feeling of excitement that came with each snowfall never really seemed to fade.
I had a tendency to get downright giddy when it would snow.

And people always told me “When you start to drive in it, you won’t love it so much.”
Well, I wanted them to be wrong but they weren’t so whatever I guess.

All I know is that this winter is going to eat us all alive.

I’m so sick of being cold! I want to wear shorts and spring dresses! I want to put my boots and flannel sheets away! I want heat damn it!

I’m not stupid. I have no plans of holding my breath for spring. I’m pretty sure it’s not coming. A girl can dream though.
Here’s your happy moment. Hopefully it will spark some inspiration for Mother Nature. I mean, we may not get a spring but summer’s coming right? RIGHT?!


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