Goodbye How I Met Your Mother

Last night, Ted finally finished telling his kids how he met their mother and I feel like I’ve been sitting there on that couch with them for nine years.

A lot of people didn’t like the way it ended and I understand I really do. I didn’t love the ending either but I wasn’t surprised by it at all. I mean really, were you surprised? It’s been leading towards this for 9 YEARS and no matter how frustrated we all are about it but that’s the way it was always supposed to end.

So let’s be done complaining about it. Let’s just say goodbye and thank Ted for telling us an awesome story.

We can thank him for telling us about slap bets

And interventions

Canadian pop-stars

And stereotypes

Slutty pumpkin costumes

And an incident somehow involving a pineapple

“The naked man”

And woo girls

The cockamouse

And an angry goat

Getting lawyered

And the proper way to pronounce words

Robots vs. Wrestlers

And doppelgangers

The sweet taste of liberty

And suiting up

How to pick up chicks

And the bro code

Not a father’s day

And a new dart (I mean nude art)

Jokes about fish

And Puzzles

The best bar in New York

And the best limo driver

Why you shouldn’t get your hair done on your wedding day

And how to feel better when you’re sick

Blue French horns

And one yellow umbrella

In the past nine years, we’ve gotten to know the best couple in the world

A former Canadian teen idol

The most awesome guy

And a romantic architect

It hasn’t always been perfect but it’s not supposed to be.

Thanks Ted Mosby and Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for telling us a really great story.

Here’s your happy moment which just happens to be my very favorite How I Met Your Mother moment, but everybody knows that already, it’s kind of general knowledge

I also think you should all know that I started with a shorter list but it got longer as I looked back at all the pictures and I could’ve made it longer. I think that’s what made this show so great.

Thank goodness for re-runs


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