What’s in a name?

I have this problem and I don’t really like to talk about it because I feel like it’s not polite. I just don’t like to correct people. It’s rude. Should I even mention this here? What will people think?

Ok, I guess I should just say it: People always say my name wrong and I hate it.

Ugh that was difficult.

Ok, not really. The fact is, most the people who know me really well know how much I hate this. I have this conversation on a daily basis:

Me: My name is Christine

Other person who I’ve never met: Oh Hi Christy


Me: Hey person I know really well

Person I know really well: Hey Chris, how’s it going?

Here’s the thing, I went by Kiki for a good part of my life. I didn’t start telling people my name was Christine until I was 12 and I wanted to, you know, grow up and make a new life for myself but as it turns out that’s not that easy when you have older siblings who will only call you by that nickname. So the plan didn’t totally work until I went to college. Now I’m 25 and the majority of the people in my life are finally calling me by the name my parents ACTUALLY gave me and no one can ever get it right.

I have a really common name and yet I am constantly called something else. It’s not hard, its really not. There are so many other crazy names out there but mine is just Christine.

And you know what else, I understand because I’m actually really bad with names too but some of my friends like to push my buttons by calling me the wrong name and it’s not nice.

My name is Christine. Not Kristin or Chris or Christy or Christina. I don’t even understand why it’s necessary for people to add or subtract syllables.

So there it is; my problem. It’s out there now and everyone will know but I think it’s time. Time to stand up for myself and my name!

Here’s the happy moment


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